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Drill two

Drill three

Offence for 2 centers

This drill is for a team that doesn't have a PF, and instead they use a C.
I first tried this drill on 1990 with my team, Hapoel Holon.
They C was Kobi Balol and the PF/C was Eli Balol.

one 1 passes the ball to 2.
5 screens for 3.
3 cuts inside trying to get a pass for a lay-up from 2.
After passing to 2, 1 cuts inside and rolls on 4 and steps out, opposite to the pass.
two After the screen to 3, 5 steps out to the 3pt line, gets a pass from 2 and then swings it to 1.
three 5 screens for 3.
3 goes straight above the foul line.
1 passes the ball to 3.
four When 3 has the ball, 4 and 5 post up and try to get the ball from 3.

(A) 3 makes a shot from the high post
(B) 3 passes to 2. 2 looks inside for 5.
(C) 3 passes back to 1.
I. 1 looks inside for 4.
II. 4 screens for 5. 1 hits number 5 inside.

Graphics in playbook by Lior Boguhvall
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