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Irnoi Tet high-school, Tel-Aviv:
I have established and developed a special basketball project for boys and girls.
Under my management, as the program's coordinator and head coach, the girls team (age 16-18) won the national championship in May, 1993. The team represented the state of Israel in the international championship in Greece.

Ironi Tet
Ilan Kowalsky (Standing first from the right) with Ironi Tet women team

HaYovel High-school:
Athletics director and basketball coordinator. M. Team - HaYovel
Ilan Kowalsky (standing first from the left) with HaYovel High-school M. team.

W. Team - HaYovel
Ilan Kowalsy (standing third from the right) with HaYovel High-school W. team.

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