In this page you can read articles written by Coach Kowalsky.

In the second page there are articles written about Coach Kowalsky.

כתבה ב"על השרון" מרץ 2000 - רוצה אבל לא יכול

Guest reporter in Al-HaSharon newspaper.

Kowalsky's column in "Al-Hasharon". This article is about the Bosman rule

Guest reporter in Holon Bat-Yam newspaper.

Holon Bat-Yam
Kowalsky's column in "Holon Bat-Yam". This article is also about the Bosman rule

Guest reporter in Ayalon newspaper.

Radio commentator in Channel Beit, Kol Israel. radio
Ilan Kowalsky commentating during a league game


Coach Kowalsky as commentator and Yaron 

Michaeley as broadcaster in channel 9 2001-2002

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