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Arye Rozenzvig at the opening cermony

Zahava Ben, the famous singer at the opening ceremony

The Israeli coaches at the first day 24/6/00

Breakfast at the camp

Coach Kowalsky at lunch time

Dr. Yeruham Barak and Coach Kowalsky after the visit in Jerusalem

Coach Kowalsky dance with the Aremenian group

Coach Kowalsky and Dr. Yeruham Barak in the old city of Jerusalem

Coach Kowalsky and one of the participant from the U.S.A

At the discussion group

At the visit in Nazerat with the assistant Mayor of the town

The basketball players coaches and reffree

Coach Jaron Sherem with his team

The swimming group

The soccer group

The tennis group

The beach volleyball group

The art group

The chess group

The theatre group

Coach Kowalsky with Neta Shizaf the Head Coach of the dancing group

The dancing group

The closing ceremony 1/7/00

Coach Kowalsky at his speech

The final model of the art