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Offence against Man & Zone

This drill is against Man & Zone when you have a good shooter
and your SF is a good ball handler who knows how to drive to the basket, and can shoot from the 2pt area.

one 1 with the ball.
2 makes a "V" cut and steps out to get a pass from 1.
After the pass 5, screens for 1.
1 goes down to the block and stays there.
If the screen is good, 2 can hit 1 for a lay-up.
If 1 doesn't get the ball, 4 steps out.
3 steps out.
two 2 passes to 4.
4 swings the ball to 3.
5 screens for 2 who cuts inside trying to get a pass from 3.
4 and 5 make a staggered pick to 1.
three 2 comes out on picks from 4 and 5.
3 passes the ball to 1, and 1 swings it to 2
for a shot.
four If 2 can't make a shot, he passes to 1.
1 passes to 3 and then 4 and 5 open the pick as seen in the diagram on the left.

3 passes to 4 that can either make a shot from the high post or pass to 5 that posts up.
six 4 gets the ball from 3.
4 passes to 2.
5 goes staright to the other side of the block to get a pass from 2.
seven 4 passes to 2 and goes after the ball to the other side of the high post.
5 goes to the side where the ball is.
Then, 2 passes a lob pass to 3 for a jump shot or drive to the basket.